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This is a compilation of Sriram Sir’s informal talk which he had with a group of friends over an extended lunch. We have tried to the best of our ability to bring out almost word to word presentation of the conversation. We had to translate many a Telugu sentences into English. Any error which might have crept in our understanding and representing his ideas is fully our responsibility and we beg forgiveness for the same.

To introduce Sir - He is a student of nature’s school. He had his formal education from Osmania University and has a doctorate in English literature. He is a lecturer by profession and leads a normal life like all of us. He prefers to remain anonymous and this humility is in itself a huge lesson to all that meet him. His hobbies are traveling whenever he finds time. He is an incurable lover of nature and he enjoys life like a child.

A married man with two children, he demonstrates a joyful family life. He has friends through all walks of life from professors, poets and scholars to ordinary students, bureaucrats to clerks, film makers to film viewers, socialists to orthodox – and every one of them finds a friend and guide in him.

After meeting Sir my vision about God and Nature became clear and I started living in a natural way, i.e. Nature’s way. I now joyfully invite all of you to share the nectar of living the Natural Way.

                                                                                                                     JVV Ranga Rao

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